How can textile floor covering be installed on existing wood flooring or laminate?

With Sigan 3.

Wood flooring or laminate floors are often encountered as substrates in renovation projects. To install new textile flooring that does not damage the existing floor, Sigan 3, a product with switchTec® adhesive technology, is recommended.

The advantage of Sigan 3 is the fact that textile flooring can be installed quickly and without dust or noise on existing wood flooring or laminate floors. Because of the special adhesive technology, the textile floor covering can be removed without residues even after years. The original floor can then be used again or serve once more as substrate for new floor covering.


Processing film: Install a textile floor covering on existing wood flooring or laminate.

Image gallery: Install a textile floor covering on existing wood flooring or laminate.

Sigan 3 is the best solution for the altered use of wood flooring since the wood flooring is not damaged.

Valentin Zeiler
Technical services UZIN

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