How can textile and resilient floor covering be installed extremely fast on old substrates?

With UZIN NC 172 BiTurbo.

Working and down times should be as short as possible when renovating floor covering. Time can be saved even twice with the self-levelling rapid levelling compound UZIN NC 172 BiTurbo: UZIN NC 172 BiTurbo can be used directly on old substrates in need of renovation, amongst others, on adhering dense adhesive and levelling compound residues.

The rapid procedure makes priming as well as the associated work and material costs obsolete. The second advantage: UZIN NC 172 BiTurbo dries very quickly and is ready for covering with diffusion-open floor coverings after already 1 hour. Their properties allow complete renovations in only a single day!


Processing film: Install textile and resilient floor covering extremely fast on old substrates.

Image gallery: Install textile and resilient floor covering extremely fast on old substrates.

Complete renovation within one day is not a problem thanks to the extremely fast drying of UZIN NC 172 BiTurbo.

Valentin Zeiler
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