How can screed rapidly ready for covering be installed?

With UZIN SC 980.

Screeds have a drying time of at least 28 days. Especially when using CEM II cements and calcium sulphate screeds, the drying time may last much longer in the context of high thicknesses and increasingly complex flooring construction.

The solution for shortening the drying times and thus making rapid progress at the construction site comes with the low-shrinkage rapid cement UZIN SC 980. It consists of a hydraulically setting special binding agent, ensuring rapid and practically shrinkage and tension-free setting. Regardless of the floor covering, the surfaces are ready for covering already after 24 hours* without the risk of re-wetting. Thanks to its reduced shrinkage, screed areas up to 200 m2 are possible with UZIN SC 980 without joints.

*At >10 °C and 80% relative humidity.


Processing film: Assemble a screed, very quickly ready to covering.

Image gallery: Assemble a screed, very quickly ready to covering.

UZIN SC 980 is the absolute problem solver in construction work with tight deadlines.

Valentin Zeiler
Technical services UZIN

UZIN SC 980 Low-shrinkage rapid cement

Ternary binder for creation of rapid cementitious screeds in interior and exterior areas with a drying time of 1 to 5 days, CT-C25-F4 to CT-C40-F6

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  • helps reduce cracks and shrinkage
  • jo…

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